Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Don't buy the toys that make the noise!

So, when I had Daniel, my family bought EVERYTHING. Clothes, blankets, crib sheets, car seat, all SORTS of stuff.

Everything but toys, because, well, it would be a while until he needed toys. A few months, at least.

Well, so far, we've been getting by without toys. But today, while at Country Kitchen with my friends Zak and Crystal, with Daniel enjoying sitting up in the high chair and being a big boy, he got bored. And when he gets bored, he gets LOUD.

Zak looked at him with wide eyes, then told me, "You know, I never got you anything as a baby shower gift. How about I make up for it and buy him toys?"

Sure, that works. I could use them.

So, when Zak took Crystal to pick up her kids, they swung by WalMart and bought toys. And when they came back, I got handed a plastic bag full of toys.

Teething rings, a rattle-thing, a soft toy that pulls out and rattles back in on a line... and a ball thing with rings around it.

That lights up and sings at the slightest touch.


"Don't look at me, girl. I was on the phone with my mom and Crystal grabbed it. Not my fault.

God damn it.

Title is a quote from Denis Leary

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