Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cute Kid Pic

Daniel, in his ever-loving adorableness, had been getting mobile as of late. If laying on his tummy, he wants on his back, and vice versa. No matter what.

So, of course, it goes without saying that when we lay him in his bouncy seat for a moment, what's he do?

Why, he flips over.

But that's not the best part!

The best part is how he'll rock back and forth on his hands and knees, even if though he's in the bouncy seat, and it will bounce. He's happy, I'm happy, everything is hunky-dory. What could be better?

Well, after a while of bouncing, he grows bored, and stores to fuss and yell for Mommy. He usually does this when Mommy is up to her armpits in hot, soapy water, doing dishes, or cooking dinner, and can't exactly drop everything to pick him up. It won't hurt him to sit there and fuss for a few minutes. So, he fusses, and I do housework.

Until it gets quiet... There's something unnerving about a child that was just crying that suddenly goes silent. I get worried and go to investigate, but all is well, and nothing is wrong....

He just got wore out!

*I do apologize for not posting any videos or cute kid pics, and I know you, my loyal readers, have missed it. Life's been busy, yo. I actually work every now and then, and then there was blogging about Blogorado, and finals are coming up, and...*

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