Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blogging Will Be Light...

...the next few days.

Small Child has a stomach bug and has been keeping me on my toes. I've been so busy changing exploding diapers every hour that the smell is permanently burned into my nose. Not pleasant.

Also, I have two concerts to go to this weekend. One I bought tickets for some months ago, and the other, tickets were given to me last week. Twisted Christmas, with Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach is tomorrow night, free tickets thanks to Former Roommate, followed by Stephen Lynch Saturday night. Massively looking forward to it.

In other news, I survived finals this past week. Passed all of them (as far as I know, I'm wondering about my sociology final), and I have officially survived my first semester as a college student. Yay! So, of course, this weekend, as beautifully timed as it is, will be my official celebration. There may or may not be alcohol involved at some point, and if there is, who know, I may do some of the ever-popular drunk blogging. Heehee!

Blogging will resume next week.

Oh yeah, tomorrow I will have a belated Cute Kid Pic, since I was in such a hurry this morning. Daniel's diaper went 'splody again, and I had to bathe him and change the crib and then boogie down to campus to for book buyback before the lines got horrendously long and have time to get to my final and....

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