Monday, October 19, 2009

Song O' Teh Week

Here at SFTSM, we are all about bringing you, the readers, what you want. This is a blog, so the first and basic rule is MORE BLOG POSTS. So, in an effort to give you what you want, I am starting a weekly post thing. On Thursdays it's the Cute Kid Pic, and on Mondays, we'll have the Song O' Teh Week. Get your work week started off right, yanno?

This week's song is called Dracula, by a band called Iced Earth. The song and many others like it make up an album called "Horror Show". I've written about the band and their many albums before.

I hope you enjoy the song, complete with lyrics. For more information on the band, the music, and the meaning behind the music, visit their website,

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