Friday, October 23, 2009


... Edition of the Cute Kid Pic of the week!

I took these yesterday and they were just too adorable NOT to share with you lovely people of the Intertubes.


This was yesterday morning, after I had already posted the Cute Kid Pic. I fed him and put him in his bouncy seat, let him play with the dangly rattle things there, while I fiddled away on the laptop. Killing time before class, you know?

I look up five minutes later, and he is OUT COLD. So cute.

Also, after coming home because power was out across campus all day, we played and watched movies together and fun was had by all.

Til Mommy ran out of cereal. So we improvised. We introduced pears!

And he LOVED IT.



And once again, fun was had by all. He conked right out and took a two and a half hour nap, and Mommy did the exact same thing.

I wuvs my little man.

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