Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cute Kid Of The Week

Okay, here at SFTSM, we're going to start a new weekly tradition. Let's jump on the internet band wagon, shall we?

Every week (Don't know which day of the week yet, but we're starting out on Thursday. Who knows, I may even keep doing it every Thursday. I mean, Marko has the Monday Search Term Safari, and that crazy bald fucker has both gun pr0n and a car list he puts out every Friday. So, hey, what could it hurt?

Besides, if I post nothing else during the week, it'll at least SOME of you who faithfully check my blog something to see/read/etc. I know, I really need to get back on the ball about posting. I promise, I will. Swear. Pinky swear. Just... stop looking at me like that, will ya? Christ...

But okay. The Cute Kid of the Week picture! Maybe two or three, depending on my mood.

And of course, because you would expect no less of me, they're only going to be pictures of *my* cute kid. I could care less about everyone else's spawn. Who cares about them? *grins*

(I'm just kidding please don't kill me fellow parent bloggers, I'm just being Snarky)

Okay. So. Cute Kid Pic of the Week!

Now, how can you say no to something THAT DAMNED PRECIOUS? Srsly, ya'll.

Thanks for tuning in. More next week!

And, of course, more REAL blog posts soon. Promise. I'm stewing one now about the big debate of open carry.

See ya soon.