Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Colors

It's that time of year again, folks. The weather is cooling off, the leaves are changing colors and drifting to the ground. Cold soda is being exchanged for hot cocoa and steaming coffee, while ball caps and tank tops are being turned in for beanies and puffy sweaters.

It's the time where young and old folks alike are pairing off to snuggle down and watch a movie under a blanket and generally enjoy time together, and it's only going to improve as the weather gets colder. Most couples use the fall and winter as an excuse to be extra-affectionate. After all, everybody wants some body heat to keep them warm, right? ;)

Since I now only have one class on Friday, and it's early in the morning, I think I will start devoting a little bit of time every week to taking pictures around town. Today, I got some really good pics. As I mentioned above, the leaves are changing colors, and the trees and bushes around campus are absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to email these to my family back in Texas, too: they don't get this pretty down in Houston!

Some of the pictures are a little dark, I will grant you that. It was cloudy and overcast today, so not the best of conditions for taking pictures. And I don't have one of those big fancy cameras that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I just have a simple little point-and-shoot. It gets the job done, though. I'm nowhere near being a professional, and it's not even a serious hobby of mine. I just see things that I think would make a good picture, and I take it.


This is our flagpole in the middle of campus. Around the base, as you can see in the bottom of the picture, are several plaques. They spell out the ten articles of our Bill of Rights. I did take individual pictures of each of the plaques, but I'm not going to put them up now. If you think I should, drop me a comment and I'll stick them up in the next post.


This is our admin building, behind the flag pole. With the colors of the leaves in the big old trees and the general design of the building, it looked too regal to pass up taking a picture of. It turned out really well, actually. I think I might do a little bit of photoshopping, put in a caption with the name of the university I am attending, and frame it.


This is the front of our library, in all its glory. Next to the Union, which is a general student hang out with the fast food court, this building sees more traffic than any other on campus. Three floors of computers, fiction, references, government documents, and even a bagle shop. Always quiet, with big leather chairs to relax in next to the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the campus. I love the library.


This is the Dockery building, the first building I see every morning when I get to the campus, at the north end. With trees coming up to those big spikes, I always imagine it's a regal castle, just waiting for royalty to arrive. I don't know what's in there, I've never set foot in it, myself.


These trees are near the gymnasium that is under construction, as well as the empty area behind it where they are building a new rec center. It's a perfect illustration of the colors I mentioned. Beautiful.


Next to the building with the 'academic enrichment' classes, there is a stand of trees lining the sidewalk with low-hanging branches. I usually walk under them, with just a couple inches of clearance, but today was the first time they seemed to be such a bright, brilliant color.

And now, one for my gunbloggers....


The eeeeeeeevil pistol and rifle range on campus, down in the basement under the academic enrichment building. The sign is small and in a corner out of the way where nobody notices it, and if you're not looking, you'll completely miss the stairs down into the basement.

Matter of fact, today, my one class I had was actually in that building, and at about 9:30 this morning, we started hearing guns go off. Everybody freaked out, teacher included, wondering who the hell was shooting up campus... but the sound was too muffled. "They're in the range downstairs. They're not supposed to do that during class hours! It's only open at night!" Never found out what was going on, though.

So, yes. That's my campus. I ended up having a really good day, too.

Tune in next time. Same Snarky time, same Snarky channel.

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  1. Great pictures, thanks! :-) Lovely fall colors!