Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now it feels like home

Well, almost two weeks ago, my mother, the ever-lovable Ducky decided that, since I finally had my very first place of my own, and I really had nothing to my name to make this place a livable HOME, she would go online to the Wally World website and order me some kitchen stuff and have it shipped to my local Supercenter using their Site-to-Store option. Hooray me.

A hundred dollars worth of dining, silver, and cookware later (and a pretty 16-piece glass set, too), they told her that I would receive an email between the 5th and 10th of March, with my order number and instructions for claiming the stuff at the local store. So I started watching my email inbox. I mean, I needed the stuff.

Having no cookware, or plates, or bowls, or silverware, or glasses... pretty much limited me to sandwiches for the past two weeks. Healthy, I know. Oh well. You make do with what you got, right?

Well, yesterday was the 10th of March, as we all know. And around 7 PM, I checked my email... again... and still had nothing from Walmart.

Uh... what?

So I texted Ducky and informed her of this. And about that time, we both called our local stores. My store confirmed that they had an order in from her, but her name was the only one on it... so I couldn't pick it up. WTF. It's okay, they told me. All she had to do was go onto the website and add me as an alternate pick-up, and when she clicked 'update' on her account, it would update automatically on the store's computers, and when I showed them my photo ID, I could take my stuff home.

So, after finding this out and letting the wage-slaves at WalMart get back to whatever it is they do, I called my mom. They had told her the same thing, and she had updated her Site-to-Store account. They also told her that it had been sitting at MY store since March 4th. Charming. I could have picked it up almost a week ago and been able to eat REAL food! Oh well.

Of course, by the time my regular ride to places more than two blocks away, aka Ninja, got off work, the desk for Site-to-Store would be closed. So this morning, at the crack of noon, Ninja picked me up and took me to go claim my stuff.

Yay! I can finally use my kitchen!

Marcus pulled into the parking lot at the store right behind us, so we meandered around while he did what he called grocery shopping. Him and his older brother, the ever-amusing Phace, had hung out with us last night. Phace, much as I love the boy, is a fucking RETARD.

He got his tax return yesterday. Cashed it around 5 PM. He got close to a thousand dollars back on it. By the time he made it to my apartment at 9 PM, he was down to $300.


The boy is a tard. Srsly.

Ninja agreed with us on this, of course. And so we giggled about our stupid friends, then left.

I wanted to christen my new kitchen stuff, of course, so Ninja and Marcus bought me the stuff for me to make spaghetti. And a couple hours ago, after I spent the afternoon washing every piece to rid it of cardboard dust, I made spaghetti. Ninja, the Redhead, and I all sat down to watch episodes of House, MD, on my laptop and eat bowls of yummy s'ghetti.

I'm happy. I can cook. Yay!

Ducky also called while I was cooking to make sure I had received my stuff, and none of it was broken. She also mentioned that, since she knew I liked to cook, she would continue to periodically order more stuff for my kitchen. Casserole dishes, Pyrex, tupperware and such... the works. Everything you need to cover all your bases when operating a kitchen.

I love my mother. <3

So now, sitting by myself in the apartment, listening to some good ol' Scandinavian metal, I can enjoy a cup of coffee in my own mugs, made from my own little four-cup coffee maker, and blog to you.

I am at peace with the world right now. Srsly.

That is all.

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