Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Intermission: "Red"

Okay, so from time to time, when dealing with the suckiest of the suck... I'm talking about the dreaded WRITER'S BLOCK... I'll just do a little exercise they taught me in my high school creative writing class. Pick a subject, any subject, something basic and simple, and just start writing your thoughts on it. Colors have always evoked an interesting response with this exercise, so last night while wasting some time waiting for a friend to meet me for dinner, I did this one. Who knows, maybe when certain bloggers are slow to update, they could toss up something basic like this to fill the gap between real meaningful posts. It does give you an interesting insight into their minds, at least.

And yes, I know I owe you a post about growing up in a cult. I haven't seen that friend yet. I'm working on it, though!

The color red.

A color of fire, passion. Bold and brave. Headstrong, some would say.

The color of your life. Blood. A deep crimson, the sign of your mortality. Watch it slowly ooze out of your body, feeling the weakness grip you, and know that your time is almost up.

The color of anger; the bull seeing red. Such an all-consuming rage leads to seeing blood spilled, feeling your anger sated as every precious drop is soaked into the earth below.

The color most closely associated with fire. It burns the eyes as much as the skin with the unmistakable allure, drawing you closer even when you know the inherent dangers in the flame.

The color red, simply put, is the embodiment of all things uncontrollable. Fiery tempers, raging flames, one's own mortality. A certain amount of influence can be made, in an attempt to control, but man's grasp on that control is weak and easily lost.

Perhaps this is why we, as people, are so drawn to redheads in society? The same fiery temper, and our foolishly undying urge to control that which we know we can't.

We wage a losing war. Against a color, of all things.

I didn't say it was GOOD, I just said it was filler! Jeez...

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