Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have done it. I have converted another friend to Iced Earth. This makes me happy in the pants.

It was Ninja, no less. AWESOME.

Yesterday afternoon, after he ran me around town for a few errands, we ended up back at his place, with my external hard drive that usually stays plugged into my laptop. It is what holds all my music and movies. So pretty much, my laptop is boring without this little nugget of technological joy.

But I had taken it to his place, because he had professed an interest in expanding his musical collection, and I had quite a few movies he wanted as well. Including the entire season of Firefly, and five seasons of the ever-lovable Red vs. Blue. Much fun.

We transferred all of my music... ALL of it... over to his big shiny clear-case computer of dh00m. And because he has a little bitty one gig iPod shuffle that he carries with him everywhere, he immediately set to importing all of it to his iTunes.

Three hours later, between the music he had and what I gave him, his total song count came to over eleven thousand. Half of that was from me. I'm so proud.

But the fun part was when he came over last night to show off his new tattoo. We ooh'd and ahhh'd appropriately, then I flipped on some music to listen to as the thunderstorm started up last night. What playlist did I pick? None other than one chock full of my favorite band: Iced Earth.

Ninja commented that he had the album Dark Saga on his iPod, because it's all about Spawn. I forgot to mention he's a comic nerd and a half. Score.

I pulled up the folder holding all my Iced Earth in it. Now, I mentioned before that they have 9 studio albums. That's not all, of course. They've got an E.P. released in '99, intent as a radio-only single to try and get more publicity for the band. When the record company bombed that, they released it as a CD for the fans. Whoo!

They've also got their cover album, "Tribute to the Gods", a tribute to the gods of heavy metal that influenced Iced Earth. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest are a few of the bands they covered on this album. When I flashed the track listing to Ninja, he stopped me cold.

Ninja: "Is that 'God of Thunder'?"
Me: "Mmmhmm."
Ninja: "Play it! PLAY IT!!"

Redhead also demanded that I play the song "Black Sabbath" as well.

I then blew through a handful of songs off of Horror Show, each song garnering a more excited reaction from the boys than the last. By the time Ninja left, we were all high simply from listening to the music, the thunderstorm was in full swing, and I went to bed a very happy camper.

Ninja's definitely a fan now. The song "Dracula" sealed the deal, I'm pretty sure.

I'm so proud. *sniffle*

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