Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm excited. Is that a bad thing?

The Redhead and I sign the lease tomorrow for a new place. It's a cute little one bedroom, and my favorite thing about it... it's right smack dab in the middle of town. Four houses down from the building Redhead lived in when I met him, no less.

This is a Very Good Thing. We be poor. We've gotten used to this. So we have to walk everywhere (which, might I add, sucks hardcore when there's six inches of snow on the ground and I have REALLY crappy balance. I bust my ass so often it ain't even funny). But when we lived with Roomie and Princess... it made walking anywhere difficult. The closest gas station was a mile and a half away, and it's close to four miles to the middle of town where everything is. Like Redhead's work. And any place that might even remotely consider hiring me. So, I can finally get back on the job hunt and get something done, for once.

Job hunting was difficult to do when Roomie takes his truck to class... then immediately goes to work... leaving me with no way to at least get into town. If I can get into town, I can hoof it around town easily. Not so much on the actual GETTING INTO TOWN.

Anyway. The apartment. Middle of town. Close to everything. Small enough to be cheap ($350 a month... I love living in a small town because rent is so damned cheap), but big enough that we can live comfortably (Redhead was living in a one-room studio apartment when I met him... The bedroom at the apartment we're leaving is bigger than this place was. Yeah. Fucking tiny.). I am, shall we say, IN LOVE with this place.

I'm also excited because... this is the first place where the lease is going in my name. The utilities are in my name. It's MY place. The landlord is cool as hell, and real down to earth, willing to work with us on everything. He met me before reading my application, and when I actually turned in an app, he glanced at it, nodded, and said, "Okay. You can have that place. You seem like a good girl, just looking for a small place to start your life out. I think we can work together on this."

Easy as that. OMIGAWD!

I'm also (extremely) delighted to not have a room mate anymore. Roommates are... annoying as piss. You can start out being friends, but by the time your combined confinement is over with, they are the last person on the face of the planet you ever want to see again. I've had several room mates in the two years since I moved to this town, and god DAMN I will be glad to not have to deal with them any longer.

No roommates. In the middle of town. My first real place that's MINE.

I'm a happy camper.

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