Monday, February 23, 2009


Well. The laptop is trying to die. And me, being the soulless bitch that I am, won't let it.

Granted, the thing is fucking HUGE (17" widescreen monitor), it's about four years old, and I'm the third owner. The original owner was a coach at the high school I went to, then it went to my father, and was passed on to me.

In all honesty, it's about time it DID die. I understand this.

I also know that if I have no way to play the music on my external hard drive, I will go absolutely bat-shit crazy. If I have no way to type up the stories that cross my mind, I will climb the walls.

Yes, I know. I'm pathetic in the fact that I can't survive without technology. I needs my music and my writing. It's very cleansing for me. I'm not the only one.


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