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I am a: Glock Model 22 in 40 cal
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What kind of handgun are YOU?

Picked this one up from Breda, who I am currently digging through the archives to soak up as much as I can, in my usual "Zomg a new blog for me to read!" fashion. She is teh amazing, and I thoroughly enjoy reading her.

As we have come to realize, I hang out at Country Kitchen. A lot. There's nothing to do at home, there's no internet, I'm not a big fan of watching TV, and I've even gotten so bored that I've zipped through the collection of my room mate's cheesy romance novels. How sad is THAT? I know!. So every chance I get, I haul myself and my big ol' honkin-ass laptop to Country Kitchen to stuff myself full of soda (because coffee upsets my stomach when I drink too much of it on an empty stomach, and I'm actually affected by it now and it scares the Redhead to watch me tweak out on coffee, lolz), and surf the internet for hours on end. Which usually results in me finding at least ONE new blogger to read every few days, which tons and tons of archives to go through. Breda is the most recent, and I am diligently perusing her archives. Have faith!

I have had a very mild interest in guns and shooty goodness for a few months now. Nothing serious, of course, just... it had piqued my interest.

Then I stumbled upon Breda. Oh boy.

In the past 24 hours, my interest has seriously jacked up. And now, the Redhead fears for his life. I'm getting serious about that gun thing, and good unholy God, I may actually BUY one! O noez!! And a concealed carry permit? Oh good Jesus, you'd think I just sprouted a second head when I told him I was considering it.

The problem with the intense interest in shooty goodness in the handguns department is... I don't know anything about them! And yes, I am ashamed. But all was not lost!

I emailed Breda and explained my dilemma. I'm waiting to hear back from her, to see if she might be able to give me a few hints or point me in the right direction.

When my good friend Kerry showed up and sat with me for a while, we chatted about random bullshnit that went on around us, gossiped about people we secretly loathe, how boys are just about the craziest things in the world, and funny shit on the internet. And the gun topic came up, just as one of her best friend's ex-boyfriend showed up.

He got interested in the conversation. Apparently, there aren't many women-folk around here that are into guns. At all.

I told him I wanted to see if anybody in my circle of friends had any handguns that I could try out, just so I could find what would suit me. I'd like to have an idea before I spend a few hundred dollars on this particular piece of equipment, you know? It's just like before I buy a game system, computer, or car. I want to get a feel for what I'm spending loads of cash on. It's a reasonable request.

He had me hold my hand out, palm against his, and compared the sizes. My palm was about the same size as his, fingers just as long, but slightly narrower (is that even a word?). He nodded, released my hand, and commented that with my hands being their size, I might be able to work a .45. If I could deal with the recoil.

"My brother's got one. I could see if he'll let me borrow it, let you try it out. You'd have to buy some ammo, of course."

My eyes lit up like a little kid's on Christmas morning.

About an hour later, he gave me the name of a website that had specs on a small handful of pistols, sold in stores throughout the area. I read through it and compared prices, and now I'm even more excited.


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