Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, we made it to FG's. A lovely flight in first class, picked up by the lovely FarmGirl herself, and a nice relaxing drive til we got here. The Jims were already here, and we stuffed our faces and relaxed for a bit more.

Christina and Gay_Cynic arrived after a bit, and hugs were had all around. More food was consumed, more bullshit was had, and a good time was had.

Then these four people walked up, and my brain started leaking out of my ears. Breda! The Nerds! Alan!

ZOMG. Wow.

It's gonna be a good god damned weekend.

EDIT: Breda says she is excited about teaching me how to shoot! ZOMG!

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  1. Better Breda than KdT :) Ask Breda for the reference ;)