Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bloggers in Colorado... Blogorado?

As I have mentioned in the past, I will be attending a blogmeet that has been dubbed "Blogorado" this weekend.

My flight leaves tomorrow at noon, so I have to leave Warrensburg around 8:30, of course. Don't you love restrictions in flying? Thank you, TSA! I feel *so* much safer!

(And if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm, get the fuck off my blog. Go! Now!)

Man, I can't wait to meet all these awesome folks.

With the lineup that is planning to attend, my head is going to explode as soon as I touch down just from the sheer fangirl-ness of being in their proximity.

A weekend full of good food, good drink, great company, and shooty goodness.

What more could a fledgling gunny-girl ask for?

Blogging over the weekend may be sporadic, but knowing me, it might not happen at all. Once I'm back on my own turf, I'll tell you all about it though. Promise.

I'll bring lots of pics, too!

((For those of you attending, if you don't want me to post your picture on my blog, just let me know. I would still appreciate having as many pics as I can, but if not, just say so.))

See you Monday night!

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