Sunday, November 8, 2009


So, after a glorious day of flinging lead downrange, we were all headed back into town for dinner at FarmMom's. I was one happily exhausted Snarky, so I had immediately conked out in the back of AD's truck, with the big man himself driving (obviously), and Gay Cynic in the passenger seat.

It's dark, the truck is moving, I'm lulled to sleep, and all is well in my world.

"Oh FUCK!" *Swerve swerve CRUNCH* "Son of a bitch, where did it go?"

A lovely 8 pointer jumped across the road, and try as he might, poor AD was not able to completely avoid hitting it. It wasn't a complete disaster, the truck was not totaled, but it was going to need to be towed; the radiator reservoir was crunched, and it dumped it's fluid fast.

(click to embiggen)

That's the truck. Like I said, not too much damage. Here's the deer:

And, of course, the man who hit it. :D

The saddest part is the fact that, once we realized everybody was okay, nobody was hurt, the truck wasn't completely destroyed, and hey! Venison! We ended up throwing a nice party on the side of the highway, waiting for DOW and everybody else for official reasons.

The guy from the sheriff's department appeared right after we set up the head of the buck. Department of Wildlife said that they needed to keep the head of the buck, can't exactly remember why, so after removing it, we had some fun:

Yeah, he was a little weirded out by us. But by god, we had fun. We realized, thanks to FarmDad, that the damage was not extensive, and the Nerds had a powerful enough truck to tow Frankenhoopty somewhere to be worked on. Much fun was had.

Well, as much fun as was possible.

PS - Leave it to AD to hunt deer this way. We spend all day shooting guns, and he kills it with a truck. Silly boy.


  1. Hey! It was great meeting you. I had a great time. Looks like I missed some exitement! Gotta get the rest of my posts written.

  2. Awesome!! So who did the honors of decapitation?

  3. That would be me, with Old NFO's kickass custom knife, and FarmDad's Sawzall. ;)

  4. That knife was mighty awesome. I'm proud of myself for being more intrigued about the butchering of said buck than anything else.

  5. how in the world do you hit a dear, with a truck that has warning signs on it? or is yours a special one that does not say dodge on it?