Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Thing Really Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

Yes, this is me bitching about the van again.

Found somebody who's willing to buy it, amazingly enough. Even give me $300 for it. Except he wants it with a title.

And the title hasn't come in yet. Sent off for it a month ago. So, yesterday morning, I limped my ass down to the license bureau to find out what the fuck is going on.

Keep in mind, I spent seventy bucks for first month's insurance, plus fifty and some change for tags, title, and license. So I wait in line for half an hour, because they can't ever do ANYTHING fast at the DMV...

"We don't have any record of you registering the vehicle."

Ex-fucking-cuse me? I talked to you A MONTH AGO to get it done, you even admitted to remembering me. And now you have no record of me coming in here? I shelled out money for this, I even have PLATES that YOU gave me, and you have NO record whatsoever of me registering it? Then who the fuck are the plates registered to?

Nobody, apparently.

GOD DAMN IT. AGH. FUCK YOU, DMV. Kiss my fat white ass. Eat a dick and go die.

Christ almighty.

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