Monday, July 6, 2009

Stupid Bitch

Dear Tails,

First off, I want to say what a beautiful daughter you have. Congratulations on the birth of the most important thing in your life.

With the niceness aside, I would just like to say...

Fuck. You. You're two-faced and a liar, and I severely hope you never find another man to be good to you.

You and Doc were great together. He loved you to no end. That's why he PROPOSED TO YOU. You were happy when he did, too. You two lived together happily, and were overjoyed when you found out you were pregnant.

After your daughter was born, however, you did a complete 180* and suddenly loathed being around him. You kicked him out, broke off the engagement, and now refuse to let him see his daughter without giving a reason, all the while demanding he pay more and more child support.

You don't deserve the love he gave you, you fucking whore. I got a bad vibe from you from the very beginning; there's a reason Doc never brought you with him when he came to visit me. And no, I wasn't being "a dirty little cum-guzzler", trying to steal your man away from you. I've dated Doc before, and we're better off being just friends. Get your head out of your ass and get a fucking clue.

I hope to the gods above Doc wins custody of your daughter, and I hope you burn in hell.



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