Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I hate rainy days.

The grey skies above darken my apartment, causing the Wee Idjit to fuss. No amount of artificial lighting ever seems to brighten up this place, and both our eyes always seem to be straining and squinting.

The apartment we all live in is sized for one person - a college bachelor, ideally - and a couple can live comfortably here if they don't mind rubbing elbows a lot.

Throw in a toddler and subtract about a third of the floor space for drums, and it gets mighty cramped in here. Textbook young parents, I'm told. Money is always tight and there's not enough room. Hear about it in all the stories, right?

Usually, this is not a problem. Most days, I can play with Wee Idjit in the front yard (and draw the attention of every person going down the street - they want to stop and admire the adorable smile and bright red hair!), or if it's too hot, we can go over to a friend's house to play with other younguns, or to Adopted Gramma's house up the street, where there's lots of toys, space, and people to worship the little beastie I affectionately call "son".

Okay, now take the original equation, and subtract a major part of every day life: your vehicle. Suddenly, going anywhere becomes a lot more difficult. If the weather is poor (either too damn hot or water is falling from the sky), you can't walk somewhere with a stroller. If it's too far, or there are not smooth sidewalks, you are very discouraged before you ever walk out the front door.

So, there's no room for Wee Idjit to run around, making him even crankier, and he's so bored... It turns what is usually a very low-maintenance baby into more than a handful, with Epic Toddler Tantrums.

This makes me want to yank my hair out and scream from stress. And I don't handle stress well. By the time Redhead gets home from work, I am in roughly the same state as Wee Idjit. I rapidly dissolve into a mess in desperate need of a break.

I'll be glad when QuickSilver is back from the shop. She's not in for any real major work, just some fine tuning and tweaking - get all the bugs and kinks out, make her run smoother for a longer time. Again, at no cost. Mighty Mechanic is a good man, still feeling embarrassed for the Blazer giving me any problems.

Also, for my own comfort and amusement, as soon as she's back, Redneck Guitarist told me he'd put some of his extra speakers in the silvery beast. He's got a great system in his truck, and the ones he offered me were a previous set before the new upgraded system got installed.

Once she gets back and I'm working steadily, my money will get sunk into my SUV... No mechanic stuff, all cosmetic toys. The way I figure it, I spend more time around looking at the inside rather than the outside, so that is what I'll improve - speakers and stereo, dock for the iTouch, little comforts like that.

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  1. No amount of artificial lighting ever seems to brighten up this place, and both our eyes always seem to be straining and squinting.

    Not using CFL's are you? They suck for your eyes. Hell I try to keep the lights off if at all possible at work.

    Also, don't bump the stereo loudly at your place or anywhere you park for long periods of time. That's a great way for it to get stolen (ask me how I know...)