Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Alone

Here as of late, I've been spending a lot more time at the house with the baby. And with me cooped up with the baby all day, every day (because there is no way I am subjecting him and myself to the murderous heat of August in the midwest), by the time Redhead gets home, I can imagine that I'm... A handful, to say the least.

This recipe for disaster is assisted with the fact that Redhead has decided to quit smoking. Not purely for health reasons, but also there's a really big awesome shiny he wants to get, but whateva.

Either way, if he wants to quit smoking, I applaud him his intentions. It's commendable. It's not an easy thing to do. A person who is nic-fitting is one of the most agitated bodies to deal with. Last time I tried to quit, a friend made the mistake of taunting me with his, after I had gone without so much as a drag for two days. I tried to rip his adams' apple out.

So, me being cooped up all day (something I am not accustomed to by a long shot) plus him sitting on the proverbial pins and needles that is fighting any addiction, equals a lot of time spent apart, mostly me home alone.

I no longer have internet at home. Of course, in turn, I now feel the urge to blog more than ever. Love the irony there!

So, I'm bored a lot. A soul can only watch the same movies so many times, and read the same books as well. Going a wee bit stir-crazy. But reacquiring my iTouch has helped, let me tell you. I know some other bloggers may frown on it, bt I finally have a soundtrack to play in the background of my life again. It gets my blood pumping and gets me moving a lot more. It's helping me to get things done around the house when I can put my headphones in, turn the volume up, and block out the world.

Yes, finding the motivation is hard for me. We might discuss this later. Don't know yet.

The main gist of where I was going with this was simple: I have a lot more time to think, and unlike with the computer, I always have the iTouch with me. So when a train of thought crosses my mind, I can blog it. And since this town is full of WiFi hotspots (the perk of living in a college town), I can easily type up a blogpost that strikes my fancy and publish it.

Yes, I bet you loyal readers have enjoyed the recent upswing of posts here at SFTSM! And JayG can quit bitching at me every time he sees me in the GBC about how little I post!

More and more this little niche in the internet has become a source for me to vent to. My musings and ponderings are being posted for the world at large to see, rather than things people may find interesting or relevent to others.

This is my journal, laid open for all to see. You guys will probably start seeing more of the snarky mistress you admire, and the things in her life that make her words bite so.

I like to tell stories. I was an avid reader growing up, drawn towards elegant words and fantasy worlds. I read Jane Eyre when I was in the sixth grade, fer fucks' sake. I fill my spare moments these days with old classics; I'm particularly drawn towards 18th century literature. And it shows with how I write here.

Just imagine how my words will flow once I have read the complete Lord of the Rings series, a feat I started some years ago and was never able to finish, thanks to my unpleasant ex, who stole it from me when he and I parted ways on less than pleasant terms.

So, that influences how I think and how I write. If you want a real twist, throw in my addiction for music. Now THERE is an interesting topic!

I always play music. Always. The iTouch either has headphones plugged into my ears, or it's settled in my docking station, providing background noise for myself and Little Idjit to go through our day with. And it's never just one style of music. I have a main playlist that goes from Metallica to Ray Charles to Tech N9ne to Tim McGraw. Yes, I am a freak like that. And believe it or not, that influences my thought process, too.

Sigh... This post really has no real direction to it. Just thoughts as they come into my head. Expect to see a lot more of that, too. Bounce from topic to topic. What do you expect, I have the attention span of a gnat! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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