Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post-Holiday Musings

Well, Christmas has come and gone. As far as gifts go, it was a sad attempt at a holiday, but that's alright. I just wish I could have seen my family back home. Oh well, nothing can be done about it now.

I gave the Redhead a shiny hookah for Christmas. That was the only gift I bought for anyone. That was really the only thing I could afford. And boy, does he love that thing. He's big on Indian and Asian culture, and that was right up his alley. He adores it. I'm happy about that.

His mom was nice and bought me some shoes for Christmas. God knows I needed them. Roomie got me a gift early, still in November, he upgraded my phone. Probably the best gift I got, but I don't care. It set him back a bit on finances.

Then from the family came various gift cards, all packed neatly with things for baby. My Granny sent me a pack of receiving blankets, my mom sent me a baby t-shirt that the child will be wearing when we leave the hospital. How could I ask for anything other than my child be sporting the words, "All Daddy Wanted Was A Blowjob"?

Couldn't ask for more than that.

Christmas was an interesting day. I spent all that day and Christmas Eve both cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. Redhead was freaking out about the apartment being clean because otherwise his mother would throw an ever-loving fit. So I cleaned. And I cleaned. And I cleaned. Which was no surprise, considering I had been cooped up the in apartment for three days while Roomie and Princess were out of town visiting their family members. God, I hate being cooped up.

Also, nobody in the apartment cleans but me. So nothing had been done in about a week. I went on strike. Didn't work. Oh well. So I cleaned. The dishes in the kitchen alone took me four and a half hours. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS!!! Then there was scrubbing down countertops and the stove and the microwave and the tables and dusting and vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom and oh my GOD will it never END?!

Keep in mind, before I started cleaning, the Redhead had told me several times, "We need to clean the apartment." And because he sleeps until no earlier than noon when he doesn't have to work, whereas I wake up around 8 AM every day, I got a healthy head start on him. The first day of cleaning went okay, and I got most of the apartment done. He didn't wake up until four o'clock in the afternoon, and we immediately left. Roomie had to work on Christmas eve, so I had driving privileges. Yay. Off we went. No more cleaning for the day.

Wake up on Christmas and get back to cleaning. Also, discover the turkey is not thawed out. Oh dear. So I start doing everything I can to thaw that bitch out, while continuing my cleaning regimen.


Redhead wakes up at noon and discovers the same thing I did. Turkey is not thawed. He starts throwing one of his trademark bitch fits. ON FUCKING CHRISTMAS. Take a deep breath, Snarky, and go take a shower. If he hasn't snapped out of it by the time you get out, you can knock his teeth out. Thankfully, he was calm.

I commented as such to him after I got out of the shower. I told him, in no uncertain terms was he to make my Christmas even worse. I was 800 miles away from home, unable to see my family while everybody else around me gets to visit with theirs. I was NOT. HAPPY.

The turkey eventually got thawed. And it even turned out okay when we cooked it, no less. Amazing. We also made some stuffing and mashed potatoes, and Redhead's mom brought brownies and some rolls. And then Big Sister took forever to get to our apartment and pissed everybody off. She got there twenty minutes before Redhead's mom and other sister had to leave. They, sadly, had to work.

But.... overall it was okay. The turkey disaster got righted and Redhead got to spend some time with his family, with me bouncing around the apartment looking all pregnant and fat. Scary scary.

In other news, the Princess had a job interview today at WalMart. Hooray for her. She came home and looked like her head was about to split in half, she was so happy. She has a job.

That leaves me as the only person in this apartment that is NOT employed.

What I can't figure out is.... I went out every day for two months, filling out applications and checking back to all the places where I had turned them in. I was doing it non-stop. For TWO MONTHS.

She's gone out job hunting TWICE in the past month and a half. Twice. And now she has a job.


The world hates me. That's the only logical answer I can come up with.

I just don't get it.

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