Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

This year, I'm thankful for mine and my son's continued good health. It's so easy for something like that to be taken away without a moment's notice. My little man is a pistol, to be sure, but that is proof enough of his continuing to terrorize me for many years.

I'm thankful for my family being there when I needed them most, emotionally and financially. Without them, I'd probably be struggling in a homeless shelter in Missouri. They're the reason I'm back in Texas with loving family surrounding me, helping me get my feet back under me.

I'm thankful for the job I just got. It's a part time gig, but even for that, it pays decent and will help immensely.

I'm thankful that the Death Star is (somehow) still running. Don't ask me how, several mechanics have been amazed it hasn't gone out in a fiery blaze of glory. They're *especially* amazed that it drove 1200 miles in approximately 48 hours with nary a hiccup. The Death Star, man. Damn thing is like the Energizer Bunny from Hell.

I'm thankful for my son. Without him, I probably really wouldn't have a whole lot of reasons to give a fuck. About anything, really.

And I'm thankful for you guys, my friends that I can't see or hear, but I know are there to talk to me when I'm down or laugh with me when I'm not. Thanks, guys.

Happy Thanksgiving. Now, go have yourself a turkey coma!


  1. It's good to think that a person like you can still remember to thank anyone. I hope that you will continue to be blessed my friend.

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