Saturday, May 21, 2011

Holy Crap!

So. I've been a very busy girl.

I've pretty much relocated to Springfield, MO. Bigger town, better jobs, MORE jobs, and more trouble for me to get into on weekends. Oh yeah. I went there.

You can blame Stud Roomie. He had a bad week at work and decided he needed to start drinking again. So I brought him down, because he used to live down here. And it was just a 32-hour whirlwind of beer and shenanigans.... no beer in me, thanks, I had to be sober to figure out WHERE THE FUCK I WAS.

And then we stopped by a tattoo parlor to visit a friend of Bret's, and instead found his tattoo artist. Who I immediately hit it off with.

Say hello to Ink Slinger, my new favorite person.

Oh, he's a fun one. A little off in the head, but tattoo artists usually are. That's what makes them fun, right?

He's a good person. That's a first for me: someone who respects and appreciates me? WOW! The world must be ending!

Wait, what's today's date...?


More later when I can organize my thoughts just a wee bit better.

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