Friday, December 31, 2010


So, I have since moved out of Hippie Sister's house. She had her new baby, and I know enough to know when I'm getting in the way. I called up some friends and offered them service as transportation (since none of them have a car and live on the edge of town) and as a cook (because OHGOD do they need help) in exchange for a place to live, and they eagerly accepted.

So now I am sleeping on what has to be the world's most comfortable couch, enjoying very good company that doesn't scream, cuss, or stress me out. My very good friend Bret, his brother Leo, and Leo's lady, Mary. They're awesome peoples, and amongst them, they think I am the awesomest thing in this house.

Yeah, cuz that totally doesn't stroke my ego to overwhelming proportions.

I gotta say, life has drastically improved over the past week. I'm getting used to freedom again, and oh how I missed it. I don't have to answer to anyone except the roomies, who ask very little and are just about the most laid-back bunch of weirdos I know. I spend my time with good company, which means spastic conversation and lots of laughing at inappropriate jokes not for polite company, and oh yeah, I'm not being accused of sleeping around every other week. Whoo!

More updates when shit actually starts to happen. Stay tuned!

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